Huawei P8 Calibrate Compass – How to do

The Huawei P8 has installed a magnetic sensor with which it is possible to display the magnetic North. This feature is especially useful if you want to be guided outside or go geocaching. However, the magnetic sensor of the Huawei P8 does not always work 100% correct, which is why it has to be calibrated from time so that the compass works.

In order to calibrate the compass on the Huawei, you need an app which accesses the compass function of the Huawei P8. Of these, there are many available on the Google Play Store.
Have you found a compass app, open it. In order to calibrate the compass of the Huawei P8, proceed as follows:

Compass Calibration of your Huawei P8:

  • Pan the Huawei P8 in front of you in the form of a lying "8"
  • Rotate the Huawei P8 to each of its three axes once

Afterwards the calibration should be completed and the compass display the correct direction.

You know now how to calibrate the compass of the Huawei P8 so that it points to the north.


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