Huawei P8 Disable automatic Wi-Fi search

If you notice at the Huawei P8 that it connects at regular intervals with the Wi-Fi, although you have disabled it, then this is due to the following setting: "Always allow scanning"

If this option is enabled, the Google location service and other apps are allowed to search for wireless networks, even though the Wi-Fi of the Huawei P8 is disabled. You should allow this only if the wireless connection is active. That is why we show you how you can disable the Huawei P8 constant search for wireless network in the area.

Open from the Home Screen the menu and then the Settings. Tap on "Wi-Fi" and then click on "More". In this menu you can now deactivate the setting: Always allow seaching. Set the setting to "Scan only while Wi-Fi is on".

After this setting is set on the Huawei P8, this service no longer self-activates the Wi-Fi of your smartphone, even though you have disabled it.

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