Huawei P8 Double Tap to Wake does not function properly - Tip

The Huawei P8 has the function "Double Tap to Wake" integrated. With this function you can wake up your Huawei P8 from the stand-by by tapping twice on the screen. This feature is very convenient because you don´t have to press the power button to turn off the stand-by of the smartphone.

However, the Huawei P8 often does not respond to this display command, which means that the user must repeatedly tap the screen before "Double Tap to Wake" works. As this is rather annoying, we want to give you here two tips to help you and to make better use of this feature on your Huawei P8:

1. Tip

Increase the sensitivity of the Huawei P8 display by activating the glove mode. This mode is set in the following Android submenu :

Open Menu --> Settings --> Smart Support --> More --> Glove mode

Use the slider to activate it. The sensitivity of the screen is then higher than before. This should be beneficial to the recognition of "Double Tap to Wake"

2. Tip

If you use a screen protector, then please check whether it lies right on the screen. It is quite possible that thicker screen protectors interfere with the function "Double Tap to Wake". Here then only the possibility remains to replace it with a thinner film, or to use it completely without it.

You now know two ways to optimize the Double Tab to Wake function on your Huawei P8 so that your entries are better recognized.

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