Huawei P8 Enable GPS Tag for photos – solution

If you like to save the record location information within the images that you have made with the Huawei P8, , then it is advisable to activate the option "GPS tag" in the camera app. By using GPS Tag the GPS coordinate of each image taken with the Huawei P8 is stored in in the picture´s EXIF-file. So you can always look later at home, where the photo was taken. Especially for holiday pictures a very useful thing.

We tell you now how to activate on your Huawei P8 the GPS tag in the camera app.

Open first the camera app on your Huawei P8. Within the app tap on the "three-bar icon" to open the menu. Then tap on the gear icon to switch in the camera settings. Select in this sub-menu the menu item "GPS Tag" and activate it.

The GPS coordinates are then automatically added to your photos within the EXIF ​​data of the photo with, if the GPS connection is active.


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