Huawei P8 has in Stand-By no Wi-Fi connection – solution

If you notice that your Huawei P8 does not receive any WhatsApp messages, emails or other notifications that have to do with the Internet, then most of the time the following setting is the reason: The “No W-Lan in stand-by” option is activated.

If this setting is enabled the Huawei P8 disables the Wi-Fi connection in stand-by. Then of course no WhatsApp message or email can be downloaded from the Internet. That is why we recommend you to change the setting into "Always". After that the wireless connection will not be turned off in Stand By and messages will be received as usual. We tell you now how to change this setting:

Open from the home screen of Huawei P8 the menu and then the settings of Android. Then tap on:

Wireless --> Advanced --> Wife in standby

Select here in the options list "Always". Finished!

Immediately your Huawei is P8 also holds in stand-by the Wi-Fi connection alive and WhatsApp messages and other notifications, which require the Internet, are loaded as usual.


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