Huawei P8 How to activate pedometer – Tip

If you're looking on your Huawei P8 for a pedometer, then you will unfortunately not be able to find it. Because in the Android firmware of your Huawei P8 no pedometer has been integrated by Huawei. But this is not so bad, because it can be easily installed. The hardware, particularly the acceleration sensor, also known as G-Sensor is naturally present. That's why you need on your Huawei P8 only the right software.

With this app you can use your Huawei P8 as a pedometer:

With Google Fit you can install a pedometer on your Huawei P8. Besides Google Fit has also integrated many other fitness information.

You know now how you can easily convert your Huawei P8 into a pedometer and track your outdoor activity. Have fun with this app.

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