Huawei P8 How to enable developer options - Solved

The Huawei P8 is a smartphone, which can especially score with a beautiful design, but also with the price. If you have decided for this smartphone and want to activate now the developer options within the Android operating system, then we'll show you exactly how to do this in our manual.

Open on your Huawei P8 from the home screen the menu and then the Settings. Tap in this menu, "Device Information". So you see various information about your Huawei P8. An entry can be found with:

  • Build number

By means of this entry you can now enable the developer options on the Huawei P8. Tap in quick succession several times (7-10 times) on this entry. Then an information box will be displayed at the bottom of the display, that the developer options have been enabled in Android. Finished!

You can now find the developer options on your Huawei P8 also within the settings.


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