Huawei P8 Increase touch sensitivity of the display – solution

If the sensitivity of your Huawei P8 display is too low, because input via the touch screen is sometimes not accepted, then you can change this with the following setting:

  • Glove Mode

With this mode, the sensitivity is increased for touch input on the display of the Huawei P8 so that the smartphone can even be operated with a glove. In our article, we now explain to you in detail how to activate this feature in the settings of the Android operating system on the Huawei P8.

Open from the Home Screen the menu and then Settings. In the section "All" you can now find the entry "Smart Support". Tap here on "More". You will now see the "glove mode". This can be activated by sliding the controller.

The sensitivity of the display has now been increased and touch inputs should be better recognized on the Huawei P8.

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