Huawei P8 Mute camera shutter sound– Tip

If you take pictures with your Huawei P8, the shutter sound will be played at each photo in the form of a "click" sound. This tone disturbs especially if you want to take pictures with the Huawei P8 in a quiet environment. That’s why you surely ask the question:

"How can I turn off the trigger sound of my Huawei P8 when recording pictures with the camera?"

We want to give you the answer in our article:

From stock, no function is provided in Android within the camera app, which makes it possible to turn off the camera sound. So you have to resort to the following little trick:
Before you want to take silent pictures with the camera, you have to switch your Huawei P8 into the "silent mode" (vibration mode is also possible). In this mode, all sounds are suppressed or muted. This also includes the shutter sound of the camera.

So pull the status bar of the Huawei P8 down and enable via the Quick Launch toolbar the silent or vibration mode. Finished! You can now get in touch with your Huawei P8 without to hear the shutter sound while taking photos and videos.

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