Huawei P8 Reset to factory settings - delete all data

In this article we tell you how to do a factory reset on the Huawei P8. This so-called factory reset, also known as hard reset clears the internal memory and all data on it. The Android operating system isthen automatically reinstalled. This is sometimes necessary, especially if you want to sell the Huawei P8 or the Android software has strange behavior which can’t be solved with another method.

Proceed as follows to reset the Huawei P8 to factory settings. Attention! Remember to make a backup of your data before continuing!
Open on the Huawei P8 from the home screen the menu and then the Settings. Go here to "All" and then click "Backup and Reset". Tap in the next summary screen to "factory data reset" --> "Reset phone". Then, the process is started, which will erase all data on your smartphone andresets the device.

The status of the phone is now the as if the Huawei P8 has never been in use. You know now how to perform a hard reset on the Huawei P8.

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