Huawei P9 Wipe Cache Partition - Solved

If you notice that your Huawei P9 no longer has the performance it had at the beginning, then it may be that data has accumulated in the cache that blocks the system. This can be noticed, for example, after updating the firmware to a newer version.

The Huawei P9 can be used with an overcrowded cache. Using a Wipe Cache Partition, you delete all old temporary system files in the cache, thus speeding up the Huawei P9 again. With such a Wipe Cache, no personal data is deleted, but only system files that are no longer needed.

In our guide, we will now explain how to do a Wipe Cache partition on the Huawei P9.

1. Switch your Huawei P9 completely off

2. Now switch your device back on with the following key combination. Press and hold for about 15 seconds:

  • Power On / Off button
  • Volume Up button

3. Now the recovery menu of your Huawei P9 will open.

4. Scroll down to "Wipe Cache Partition" by using the Volume Down button. Select the entry by pressing the power button

5. The Wipe Cache is now executed. This takes about 1-2 seconds. The Recovery menu appears again.Confirm "Reboot System now" by pressing the Power On / Off button. Done!

Then restart your Huawei P9 and you should then notice an improvement in the performance. System errors and other problems can be solved through the Wipe Cache Partition. We hope this has helped you.

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