Improve battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini, which is part of the Samsung Galaxy S5 family, is a small handy smartphone with excellent technical equipment. Of course, the hardware and the operating system Android of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini requires a lot of battery. For this reason, we want to give you some tips to improve the running time of the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini.

Tip 1: Improve battery endurance by lowering display brightness

The Display of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini belongs to the components that consume the most power. Therefore, it is recommended to set the brightness slider to a minimum. This can be done directly from the status bar. Pull it down and move the brightness slider to the left. The display brightness is much lighter and the power consumption is reduced which means that the battery time increases.

Tip 2: Disable hardware components that you do not need

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini has many hardware components, but they do not always have to be in use. Check what hardware features you need durable and disable those that are not in daily use.

This includes the following hardware components of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini:

• Bluetooth
• Wifi
• S-Beam
• Notification LED 

Furthermore, if not required, you should disable the mobile data connection. The activity of the hardware components of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini can also be controlled via the status bar. Pull it down and tap the icons to disable.

Tip 3: Switch the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini in the GSM mode:

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini supports many frequency bands from GSM to LTE. When you dont use the mobile data connection taht often, then you should turn the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini into the GSM mode.

To switch the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini in the GSM mode, open the menu and go to Settings. Here in the section "Network Connections" tap on:
Other settings -> Mobile networks -> Network mode.
Here you can select the option "GSM only". The mileage of the battery is thus considerably extended. A positive side effect. You always have the best voice quality.

Tip 4: Turn the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini overnight in airplane mode

If you do not need the Samsung Galaxy Mini S5 in the night and no calls and SMS are expected, then you should turn your smartphone by night into the airplane mode. This will disable all data connections, so the smartphone operates on a minimum of power in standby mode. So at night, only about 1-2% of the battery power is consumed. Thus, the running time of the battery is greatly increased and the radiation exposure when the smartphone is next to the bed is not available.
To activate the flight mode, long press on the power button and select "Flight mode".

If you follow these battery saving tips, then you will have a much longer battery time with your Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini.

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