IMS service stopped - message at Samsung Galaxy

Under certain circumstances, your Samsung Galaxy may display "IMS Service Stopped". This message often prevents you from using the smartphone more sensibly.

Because even if you close the message with "Ok", this appears immediately after about 2-4 seconds. This is, of course, very annoying and you may be wondering how to fix this error. This is exactly what we want to explain to you:

First, you must turn off your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone. Because the IMS service error is often caused by an additional installed app. For this reason, the smartphone must be started in "Safe Mode". It works like this:

Start Smartphone in Safe Mode

  1. Your Samsung Galaxy must be turned off
  2. To switch on, press the following keys simultaneously:
  • Power On / Off
  • Volume silence

Press and hold the Volume Down key until your smartphone is started and the Android menu has been booted. You should see "Safe Mode" at the bottom left.

This step is important because the message "IMS Service Stopped" constantly prevents entries on the Samsung Galaxy.

Run SmartManager service

Now you can open the settings of the Samsung Galaxy and then tap "Device Maintenance" or "Smart Manager". This should now find an app, which causes problems. Uninstall this app. Then start the Samsung Galaxy again. The "IMS service stopped" error should no longer appear on the display of the device. But if?

Then maybe a Wipe cache partition will help. This works as follows.

  • Wipe Cache Partition Samsung Galaxy Smartphone
  • Instructions for the S8 (Bixby Button)

We hope that our guide has helped you fix the problem.

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