Install alternative keyboard on Samsung Galaxy S6

On your Samsung Galaxy S6 the keyboard from Samsung is installed from the factory, which was programmed in collaboration with SwiftKey. This keyboard has actually all necessary functions on board which a modern smartphone keyboardrequires. Perhaps this keyboard is for one or two of you not fit enough, because, for example, the keys are too small, etc. If so, then we want briefly explain how to install an alternative keyboard on the Samsung Galaxy S6.

This shall be explained by using the example of  “Google Keyboard”.
Download the keyboard app from the Google Play Store to your Samsung Galaxy S6:

If it is installed on your smartphone, open the app via Menu --> GoogleKeyboard

Now a little wizard will guide you through the configuration of the Google Keyboard. The keyboard can then be set as the default keyboard for all apps on the Samsung Galaxy S6.

The settings for Google keyboard can then be configured via Menu --> Settings --> Language & input --> standard keyboard.

You know now how to install and use a different keyboard than the Samsung keyboard on the Samsung Galaxy S6.


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