IPhone 6 disable lock screen completely – Only Swipe to unlock

If you want to disable the iPhone 6 screen and use the smartphone, there are different unlocking methods. In addition to pattern and fingerprint, there is also the possibility to use a code.

If you would rather not use a backup method instead of the code, and simply swipe to unlock the screen of the iPhone 6 this article will help you:

Apart from the fact that this stroke method is not very safe, it is still the fastest and most practical. This is why we explain here briefly how to unlock the lock screen without code but only by swipe:

 To do so, please navigate to the following submenu of the iOS settings of your iPhone 6:

Start screen --> Settings --> Touch ID & Code

Enter your current code, pattern, or fingerprint. In the next sub-menu of the iPhone 6 you will find the following option:

  • Disable code

Tap this method and you have to enter your current code again to confirm the deactivation. Then the iPhone 6 can be unlocked by swipe very easy.

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