iPhone 6S Info about IMEI serial number - Solved

Every smartphone is equipped with a serial number that allows an unambiguous assignment of the smartphone. In the world of smartphones, the serial number is the so-called IMEI. With the IMEI your iPhone 6S can be uniquely identified anytime.

Therefore, it is important that you write down the IMEI number of your iPhone 6S or know at least where it can be found. If you do not know where to find the IMEI of your iPhone is 6S, then we would like to show you here how you can find it out very easily.

For this purpose please open the iPhone 6S the following menu:

Settings --> General --> About

In this submenu of the iPhone 6S you will then find the entry "IMEI". The 16-digit number is your IMEI serial number. Alternatively, this number is also printed on the SIM tray of your iPhone 6S.

To see this, use the sim-tool to remove the card tray from the SIM card slot. On the card slot you can now find your IMEI serial number printed in small letters. You now know how to find the IMEI serial number from your iPhone 6S.

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