iPhone iOS 11 how to scan QR codes – Camera

Your iPhone has not yet been able to scan QR codes from the iOS operating system. QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that have information on websites, contact information, and more. In order to scan such a QR code with the iPhone, you have had to resort to an app from the iTunes Store.

This is now ending with iOS 11. This is because a QR scanner is now automatically integrated. This can be called as follows:

Just open the camera app of the iPhone's and then put it on the QR code. The camera app will immediately recognize that a QR code is in front of the lens and then analyze it.

This can be done within seconds. As soon as the information is triggered, you will see a message on the upper edge of the display, in which the content is described as short information. Tip the note and the QR code action is performed.

A great thing that has long been missing in iOS on the iPhone.


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