iPhone SE How to change Wallpaper

In this article we tell you how you can change the background image on your new iPhone SE, also known as the wallpaper. To adjust the background picture within iOS on your phone please proceed as follows:

1. Open Settings and tap on the left side on "backgrounds and brightness". This opens an overview, in which you have to select: "Choose a new wallpaper".

2. Now there are two ways to select a background:

Apple Background

In the section Apple background you will find several preinstalled wallpapers by Apple that can be "Dynamic" on the one hand or also consist of a single image. Dynamic wallpapers move, but also need more battery power of your iPhone SE.


In this section you can select your own images that you have downloaded from the Internet or you have taken with the camera of the iPhone SE.

Have you selected an image from one of the two sections, you can use this either for the lock screen, home screen or both. Done!

You know now how to change the background image for the home screen on the iPhone SE.



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