iPhone SE How to show IMEI – Resolved

Every smartphone is characterized by a unique serial number, the so-called IMEI. This number can be found also on the iPhone SE. We recommend you to note this unique serial number in your documents.

So you can later verify in case of loss of the device, whether it is your device. Should you still do not know how to find the IMEI serial number on the iPhone SE, then this article should help you.

How to show IMEI on iPhone SE:

1. For this purpose, please open on the iPhone SE the following menu:

Settings -> General -> Info

2. In this submenu of the iPhone SE you will find the entry "IMEI". The 16 digit number is your IMEI serial number. Alternatively, the IMEI number is also printed on the SIM tray of your iPhone SE.

Find IMEI in Sim card tray

1. Use the tool to remove the card cover from the Sim card slot.

2. On the card slot your IMEI serial number is printed in small letters. Now you know two methods to display the IMEI serial number from your iPhone SE.


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