Is the Samsung Galaxy S5 suitable for underwater photos while snorkeling?

Should you own a Samsung Galaxy S5, then you also know that this is waterproof. Maybe you have now the question:

Is the Samsung Galaxy S5 suitable for snorkeling and to make underwater photos?

We would like to answer this question briefly here and give some advice. The housing of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is waterproof and IP67 certified, but this does not mean necessarily that the smartphone is suitable for underwater photos.

The IP67 stands for:

  • 6 - Dustproof
  • 7 - Protection against temporary immersion

The certification “7” for temporary immersion is for a water depth of max. 1 meter and a maximum time of 30 minutes under water. For salt water such a protection is not given! These regulations are usually broken on a snorkeling trip.

That's why you should use the Samsung Galaxy S5 not for underwater photos because the risk that the water penetrates into the housing is very high.


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