Is the Sony Xperia M5 waterproof – Solved

The Sony Xperia M5 is a small, compact smartphone with a very good camera, which has a resolution with up to 21.5 megapixel. For many a reason to opt for this smartphone. Now next to the camera the resistance to water is maybe for many an important purchasing criterion. Unfortunately, this information is not always apparent from the descriptions on the Internet or is hidden behind certifications.

Therefore, here's the answer:

Yes, the Sony Xperia M5 is waterproof - but only in the following range:

  • Maximum depth: 1.5m
  • Maximum duration: 30 minutes
  • Type of water: only with fresh tap water (no salt water, for example)

We hope that thus the question of the water resistance of the Sony Xperia M5 is cleared and you can now take a decision on whether the smartphone is the right one for you.

The Sony Xperia M5 can be purchased for example here


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