Jawbone Up How to update firmware – Instructions

With a Firmware update you can improve the functionality of your Jawbone Up fitness tracker and include additional features. An improvement can for example be a longer battery life, which is achieved by optimizing the firmware programming. It is thereforeadvisable to check whether there is a newer firmware available for your Jawbone Up fitness tracker.

If a new firmwareis provided for your Jawbone Up Fitness Tracker, then we will tell you here how to transfer and install this firmware update.

Instructions for updating the firmware of the Jawbone Up Fitness Tracker:

  1. Install the Firmware Update from Jawbone. Download the software from the official website:
  • Firmware Updater for Windows
  • Firmware Updater for Mac
  1. Once you have downloaded the software, run this on your computer.
  2. The Updater opens a wizard that prompts you to connect your Jawbone Up fitness tracker to the computer. Now connect your fitness tracker.
  3. Follow the wizard's instructions for updating the firmware of your Jawbone Up fitness tracker. An Internet connection is necessary so that the new firmware can be downloaded.

Congratulations! You now have the latest firmware on your Jawbone Up fitness tracker installed and can now benefit from the new enhancements and features.

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