LG G Watch Exit demo mode in Android Wear

It may be that your LG G Watch is in a so-called Demo mode. In this mode, an overview of the operating system Android Wear is mediated to the user by providing information and functions presented in a loop. In order to use the LG G Watch you must disable the demo mode. Therefore a few steps are required, which we would like to explain step by step in this guide.

At first you'll need a sharp object such as a paper clip or a toothpick. With this you can now press a small reset button on the back of the LG G Watch, which is located above the pins to charge the battery. The reset button must now be pressed for about two seconds and then released.

On your LG G Watch a blue button will now appear on the display with which the SmartWatch can be turned off. Do not press the button, but wipe on the next pages to navigate to the settings. Here you will now find a menu item with "Reset". Tap on this and your clock will stop the demo mode. After a reboot the LG G Watch can be used without the Demo Mode.


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