LG G4 which SIM card do I need? Solved!

The LG G4 boasts on extraordinary optics. Especially the back surface of leather looks great and perhaps convinced one or two of you to buy this smartphone. If so, please check, if yourcurrently used Sim card for the LG G4 fits. Because it would be a shame if you hold the LG G4 in hands and then your Sim card does not fit.Therefore, here is the answer. The followingSim card is required for the LG G4:

SIM card size: Micro-SIM

Should you currently have this not, then you can watch either help yourself or a SIM card purchased at your mobile service provider. Here are our tips:
If your Sim card is too large: This can be done so gennante "Sim Card Punching". A Sim Card punch, cutter like a punch in the correct format from your Sim card out when it is size. Such Sim cards punching already exist for little money here, "Good Sim Card Punching"

If your Sim card is too big:

You can use a so called "Sim card cutter". Sim card cutter punch out the correct format from your sim card, if this is bigger in size. Such Sim Card Cutter already exist for little money here: "Sim Card Cutter"

If your Sim card is too small:

With a Sim card adapter you can easily convert and thus use your Sim card in larger sim slots. Such Sim Card Adapter can be found here: "Cheap Sim Card Adapter"

Alternatively, you can request a new sim card, which can be associated with costs from your mobile carrier.

You know now what your Sim Card LG G4 needed and can thus prepare yourself optimally. Have fun with the LG G4!

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