LG G5 How to calibrate the compass - Solved

Like most high-end smartphones, the LG G5 has a compass integrated that allows you to display the direction of the sky. This works very well, as long as the magnetic sensor is correctly calibrated.

If your LG G5 compass points in a wrong direction, then you can recalibrate this very easily: Open on the LG G5 an app, which accesses the magnetic sensor of the smartphone. For this purpose, any compass app from the Google Play Store is suitable, also as Google Maps.

If the app is open, you must now carry out the following movement with your smartphone:

Note: The best thing is to do that under the open sky and without any interferences and you need to know where the North is.

Turn the smartphone once:

  • Long axis
  • Horizontal axis
  • Cross axis

Subsequently check if the LG G5 shows the correct direction of the sky. If not, you must repeat this procedure. After one or two repetitions, the magnetic sensor of the LG G5 will be calibrated and the compass app will display the correct direction of the sky.

You now know how to calibrate the compass with the LG G5.

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