LG G6 Screenshot - We show how it works

Capture screenshots is probably one of the most common features on a smartphone. No wonder, because you can quickly send important information to friends or acquaintances, secure high scores, or back up error messages.

Of course, this function is also missing on the LG G6. Here we show you how to create a screenshot on the LG G6, which is also known as a screen photo or screen print.

  1. By using the key combination on the LG G6

You must press the following two buttons on the smartphone simultaneously for a period of 2 seconds:

  • Power On/ Off
  • Volume-Silent

A screenshot message is displayed which indicates that this is successful has been recorded.

  1. Capture screen capture with "Capture +"

Here you just have to drag the status bar of the LG G6 from top to bottom in the screen. Tap the square symbol with the pencil in the center. This will also trigger the screenshot on your LG G6.

Viewing captured screenshots

To do this, please open the picture gallery of your smartphone. In this you will find the corresponding captured screen photos.


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