LG V30 What Sim Card Needed – Solved

There are currently three different sim card types in circulation: Standard, Micro and Nano Sim card. All types differ in size and shape. Thus, it is of course understandable that depending on the smartphone the right sim card must be used.

But you have to know which SIM card type your smartphone uses. Here's what we want to clarify here for the LG V30:

The following sim card size is needed for the LG V30:

  • Nano Sim card

If you already own such a SIM card, you can immediately make phone calls with the LG V30. If you have an older format, you now have the following options to get a Nano Sim card:

  1. You have a sim card with Nano-perforation

This is the simplest version. Simply press the Nano Sim card out of the existing Sim card along the perforation.

  1. You have a sim card without a Nano-perforation

For this there are so-called "Sim card punching" available. A Sim card punch cuts out the Nano Sim card format from your previous Sim card. Such sim card punching is already available for little money on Amazon:

  • "Good sim card punching"
  1. Ordering Nano Sim card at mobile operators

If the effort is too big, so you can also simply request a new sim card from your mobile operator. This costs between 15 € and 25 € depending on which mobile service provider you use.

 You now know which Sim card the new LG V30 needs and how to get such a sim card for your device.


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