Logitech Mouse Disable Keys - Resolved

If you have a mouse from Logitech to make input on your PC, then it may have special keys on the side that perform special extra functions. Now it is often the case that you do not need these buttons at all, but you just bother them in certain situations because you make unintentional entries with them.

That's why we show you how to disable these buttons on a Logitech mouse:

You’ll need the Logitech Gaming software first. You can download these for your PC here:

  • Download Logitech Gaming Software


If you have installed the software on the computer, then select the pointer icon with the gearwheel. This will open the special settings.

You will now see all the buttons your mouse has to offer in a photo. To deactivate a key, select the blue arrow that appears when you move the mouse pointer over the key. In the menu that opens, select "Unassign".

Finished! Do this with all the keys you do not want to use with your Logitech mouse. You now know how to disable the special keys on a Logitech mouse.

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