Merge Double Contacts on the Samsung Galaxy S8 - Resolved

It may happen that you double-save a contact on the Samsung Galaxy S8 within the Contacts app. So it may be that, for example, the phone number, the e-mail or the name is double entered.

Such duplicate contacts can be merged within the contacts app. How it works on the Samsung Galaxy S8, we would now like to explain to you vividly:

Samsung Galaxy S8

1. First, open the contacts app on the Samsung Galaxy S8

2. Next it goes in the contacts overview top right on the icon with the three dots and there in the menu to "Manage contacts"

3. Select now the entry "merge contacts" you will now see all the contacts that have:

  • same number
  • same name
  • same e-mail address

Now you can mark the contacts who have the same content and then " Linking "Do this for all contacts created twice or more on your Samsung Galaxy S8 in the Contacts app.

You now know how to merge duplicate contacts on the Samsung Galaxy S8 within the Contacts app.



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