Message Center number - important mobile operators

If you can´t send or receive text messages on your smartphone, then the number of the message center is probably not correct. This leads then to the fact that text messages can be neither received nor transmitted. Most of this problem occurs when you bought a used smartphone and the owner used a different mobile operator than you.
But since this is a pure matter setting, we want now briefly explain how you can change the number of the message center on your phone.
For this please proceed as follows:

Open within your Smartphone the keypad, on which phone numbers can be entered. Most of the time the keypad can be found within the phone app. Now type the following code using the keypad and confirm this by tapping the Call button.

• *#5005*7672#

Now checks whether the displayed number matches one of the following mobile operators:

• T-Mobile: +12063130004.
• AT&T: +13123149810
• Sprint: +17044100000
• Verizon: +316540951000

If the number does not match to your wireless service provider, then you have to change it. It works like this:

• **5005*7672*NUMBER#

Type instead of "NUMBER", the number of your mobile carrier message center. You can extract the message center number from the list above. Reconfirm the input again via the handset button. Finished!
The new setting will be taken and you have successfully changed the number of the message center. The receipt and sending of text messages should now work without any problems on your smartphone.

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