Mozilla Firefox browser cache – solution

If you realize that in your Mozilla Firefox browser, the design of a website remains the same, although the design has changed, then it is advisable to clear the browser cache of Firefox. Thus, the current Web page data is then loaded from the server and also the latest version of the homepage.

We show you here how to clear the browser cache within the browser Mozilla Firefox. It works like this:

  1. Open Firefox on your computer, and then click at the top right on the symbol with the three horizontal bars.
  2. Select then in the pop-up "Settings"
  3. Click in the left column click "Advanced"
  4. Now choose the tab "Network"
  5. You see now "cached web content" Click "Clear Now" to delete the browser's cache of Firefox manually

That’s it. Now, if you visit a web page, then this is completely reloaded and therefore all the new content.

You know now how to clear the browser cache in Firefox.


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