Navigation home - set up in Android

Your Android smartphone gives you the ability to easily navigate home. To do this, you can place your own address in the Google Maps app, which is marked as "Home". You only have to enter "Home" in the search bar on Google Maps and your address will be accepted.

You can also open the Google Assistant and say "Navigate Me Home". This will also open Google Maps and then navigate you home.

And so you set your home address as "home" on your Android smartphone:

  1. Open Google Maps
  2. In the upper left corner, touch the icon with the three bars -> select "Settings"
  3. Select "Edit Addresses" - You will now find a label with "Home" - Tap the entry and edit the stored address

Afterwards, you have successfully deposited your home address as a "home". You can now easily navigate home, because your Android smartphone or Google Maps now knows your home address.


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