Nexus 6P How to Insert the SIM card? Solved!

If you have received your new smartphone the Nexus 6P and now do not know how you have to insert the SIM card to use telephony and the mobile Internet, then this article should help you.

Instructions for inserting the SIM card into the Nexus 6P

1. The SIM card slot for the SIM card is located on the on top left side of the Nexus 6P housing.

2. Make sure your smartphone is turned off

3. You see a small opening on the right side of the sim card cover. Use the supplied SIM eject key and push it into the hole.

4. Now press lightly the key in the housing until the Sim card tray protrudes from the slot. You can now drag this out.

5. You now have the Sim card tray in your hand. Set the Nano sim card properly into the tray and then push this correctly aligned again in the Sim card slot.

6. You can now start your Nexus 6P. All functions that have to do with telephony, SMS and mobile Internet, should now work on your Nexus 6P.

You just successfully card into your new smartphone used the Sim. Congratulations.


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