Nokia 8 Disable mailbox redirection - resolved

If you have activated a mailbox in your mobile phone contract, calls that you do not answer are automatically forwarded after a certain time. If you do not want to do this in the future, you can deactivate the mailbox with your Nokia 8 as follows:

  1. First, open the phone app on the Nokia 8 - you will find it on the home screen
  2. Now switch to the app within the app Keypad, which can also be used to dial numbers, for example.
  3. Now enter the following network code to switch off all call forwarding with the Nokia 8:
  • ## 002 #
  1. Send the network code by tapping the green handset once - Similar to calling a number
  2. All call diversions are now deactivated

You now know the fastest way to deactivate all call forwarding using the Nokia 8.


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