OnePlus 3 How to create a screenshot - key combination

With a screenshot you can very easily save screens that are displayed on your OnePlus 3 as an image file. The screenshot is also called screen photo or hard copy. If you want to use the screenshot function under Android with your new OnePlus 3, then you may not know the key combination.

We would like to briefly explain this to you:

Instructions for taking a screenshot on the OnePlus 3:

1. On the OnePlus 3 screen, display the content you want to save.
2. To start the screenshot, press and Hold the following buttons at the same time and hold them down for about 2 seconds.

•    Power Button
•    Volume Down

3. When the buttons are held correctly, you will hear a sound and the display will light up briefly. The screenshot has now been successfully triggered and will be displayed.

You will find the screenshot again when you open the Gallery app and access the newly created folder "Screenshots".

You now know which key combination you must press for the screenshot on the OnePlus 3.

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