OnePlus 3 Which Sim card do I need - solved

The OnePlus 3 is an alternative, which has the right price-performance ratio. Especially since the technology, which is installed in the OnePlus 3 is quite impressive.

If the OnePlus 3 is the right choice for you, then please check whether your currently used Sim card fits into the device.

The OnePlus 3 requires a Nano Sim card. The Nano Sim card is currently the smallest format, which is used with smartphones. In addition, there is also the Micro Sim card and the standard Sim card. These two types are larger than the Nano Sim card and do not fit into the Sim card slot of the OnePlus 3.

If you do not have a Nano Sim card yet, you can get it as follows:

1. Sim card punch

With such a device, you can create from a Standard or Micro Sim card very easy a Nano Sim card. Such a punch is available for little money, for example on Amazon:

2. Ordering from mobile phone provider

Another option is to ask your own mobile operator if a new SIM card can be sent. This can either be free of charge or cost up to 25$ depending on the provider.

 Now you know which Sim card the OnePlus 3 needs and how you get such a Nano Sim card, so that you can make calls with the new device and surf on the mobile Internet.

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