OnePlus 5 No connection to PC - USB debugging helps

If you connect the OnePlus 5 via USB cable to the PC or laptop, for example to transfer pictures and video, then it may be that it already fails at the connection.

Because not always a PC with Windows or a MAC with MAC OS recognizes the OnePlus 5 immediately. What we have to do, we would like to explain to you in the following article:

First of all, the developer options on the OnePlus 5 must be activated. These are not visible from the factory, as they contain options that could affect the performance of the device if they are set incorrectly.

How to unlock the developer options, we've explained here for you: Activate Developer Mode

Once you've unlocked it, then go to the actual tutorial to make the USB connection between your OnePlus 5 and a computer:

  1. Open on the OnePlus 5 the settings and then the developer options
  2. Now look for "USB debugging"
  3. Activate the option by setting the slider to "active"
  4. Disconnect the USB cable between OnePlus 5 and computer
  5. If not already done. Restart the OnePlus 5.
  6. After restarting, reconnect the device to the computer via the USB cable. You should now be able to access the memory of the OnePlus 5 without any problems with the computer.

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