OnePlus 5 Screenshot Method explained simply

With the OnePlus 5 you have a wonderful smartphone that occupies a top position in hardware and price/ performance. If you have purchased the device and are now testing the first features, then you might like to know how to create a screenshot with the OnePlus 5.

We would like to explain to you the simplest way to make a screenshot:

Just take a screenshot with the OnePlus 5 tutorial

  1. Display on the OnePlus 5 screen what you want to store
  2. Press and hold the following buttons simultaneously for approx. 2 seconds:
  • Power On / Off
  • Volume silent
  1. This will now trigger the screenshot - you will hear a sound

Afterwards, the screenshot is automatically stored on the internal memory of OnePlus 5. This can then be called up again, for example, via a gallery app.

You now know the simplest way to take a screenshot of the OnePlus 5.


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