OnePlus 5 Wipe Cache Partition - Key Combination

One of the most important functions of a smartphone is the so-called Wipe Cache Partition. Why? Because this will delete old temporary system files that may cause problems within the Android system.

Signs are often: battery is draining quickly, OnePlus 5 is getting hot, the performance in general leaves much to be desired. If this also applies to your OnePlus 5, please perform a wipe cache partition as follows:

Info: No personal data will be deleted. Only unneeded system files are removed from the cache.

  1. Turn off the OnePlus 5.
  2. Now you have to boot into the recovery menu when restarting.

Hold down:

  • Power On / Off
  • Volume key

 until the recovery menu appears on the display.

  1. Select your language.
  2. Use the volume keys to highlight the entry "Wipe Data / Cache" and select this option with the power key.
  3. Now you see two options. Be sure to select “Wipe Cache” ONLY. This will do the wipe cache partition.

Subsequently, the process is carried out. This takes about 1 second. You will now see the recovery menu again. Select the first entry with "Reboot System Now". Finished

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