OnePlus One How to create Screenshot - solution

Information that is displayed on your OnePlus One screen, you can back up the fastest with a screenshot. The screenshot is a function of the operating system that saves the currently displayed content in an image file. That's why the screenshot is also known under the name "Screen Print" or “Hard Copy”.

Here in this article we will tell you now, how you can create a screenshot on the OnePlus One. For this purpose, display as first thing the content on the screen you want to save.

In order to trigger the screenshot press and hold for about 2 seconds the following buttons:

  • Power On-Off button
  • Volume Down button

This will now trigger the screenshot when you press the key combination long enough. You will hear a clicking sound and see a light white border around the screen. The screenshot was successful.

You will find the screenshot then on the OnePlus One in the Gallery application. Here a new folder named "Screenshot" was created. You now know how to save information which are displayed on the screen quickly and easily.


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