Outlook 2013 Show calendar in the right column – Solved

There is the possibility in Microsoft's email program "Outlook 2013" to display the calendar under "Home" as a widget in the right column. So you always have your schedule for the current month in view. The widget or pop-up calendar, however, is not available from the start. This calendar widget must first be added to the right column in Outlook 2013. In this article we tell you in a nutshell, how it works:

If you have opened Outlook 2013 on your computer, then click first at the bottom left on "Mail" to show you the default view of Outlook 2013. Now use the mouse to hover in the bottom bar over "Calendar".Do not click!If the cursor hovers over the “Calendar” entry, a pop-up opens with the current calendar month. In this pop-up you can find in the upper right corner a small icon, which stands for "pinning". Click on this icon and this pop-up calendar is attached in the right column of Outlook 2013.

Finished! You have now in Outlook 2013, the Calendar widget attached to the right side of the program.


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