Performing a soft reset on iPhone 7 - Resolved

On the iPhone 7 it can happen again and again that the display freezes and the device no longer responds to inputs via the screen. So if your iPhone 7 does not react in this way, then you only have one last option left:

The soft reset. This can be equated with the removal of the battery. The smartphone is down immediately and then re-started.

This fixes the problem in 90% of the cases and you can use your iPhone 7 again as usual. But how do you make such a soft reset? This should explain you this article vividly:

iPhone 7 - Soft Reset - Instructions

All you have to do for the soft reset is to keep the following key combination for at least 12 seconds:

  • Quieter-Button
  • Stand-By Button

The soft reset is now performed. You must now enter your Sim pin and voila the iPhone 7 can be used again.


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