Phone visibility - meaning for the Samsung Galaxy S8

Perhaps you have already discovered the following option on your Samsung Galaxy S8 and you are wondering what it means. "Phone visibility". The option can be activated via the quick start toggle in the status bar or via the settings.

The function behind the "phone visibility" is a faster connection and data transfer from another device to your Samsung Galaxy S8. If visibility is enabled, other devices will find your smartphone directly from the "Available devices" list if files are selected using "Transfer files to devices".

Samsung Galaxy S8

It is important to note that these are Samsung Connect compatible devices. For this purpose, the telephone visibility is also primarily integrated on the S8.

In order to be able to use the phone's visibility on the Samsung Galaxy S8, you should install the Samsung Connect app on your device. Other Samsung devices, such as washing machine, refrigerator, etc., can then easily connect to your smartphone when the phone is visible.

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