Pokémon Go AR mode does not work - Solution

In the game Pokémon Go you can activate the AR mode within a competition. AR stands for Augmented Reality. This means that the smartphone's camera will pick up your surroundings and project the Pokémon in as if they were actually in front of you.

This feature is very cool and that's why you might want to use it. Now it may be that the AR mode in Pokémon Go does not work on your smartphone. The cause of this is usually the following.

The gyroscope sensor of your smartphone is defective or does not exist at all

  1. Gyroscope sensor not available

Many smartphones, especially in the low budget range, have no gyroscope sensor integrated. This is necessary, however, to register movements with the smartphone. To check if your smartphone has such a sensor, you first need the app "Aida64":

Open the app on your smartphone and select "Sensors". If there is no gyroscope sensor in the list, then Pokémon Go cannot be played in AR mode.

  1. Gyroscope sensor defective or software problem is present

If a gyroscope sensor is present, it is either defective or there is a problem with the software, for example the Pokémon Go app itself or the Android system. Here we recommend you to uninstall the app Pokémon Go first and then reinstall it.

If that does not help, then a wipe cache partition can fix the problem. Smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy series, have integrated test menus. In this you can check whether the sensor is working correctly or if errors appear.

You now know why the AR mode in Pokémon Go on your smartphone does not work or what you can do about it.

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