Pokémon Go – How to reduce battery consumption

Pokémon Go is one of the most interesting and varied game apps currently available for your iOS smartphone or Android smartphone. On the hunt for Pokémon with the smartphone, however, it can happen that the battery of your device loses very quickly to battery power.

This is due to the Pokémon app, which requires a lot of resources. The increased resource consumption, like the use of the CPU, the RAM and the display draws a lot of power from the battery and therefore empty this very quickly. It may happen that while you are playing Pokémon Go, you may suddenly be sitting in front of a smartphone that does not work due to a lack of battery charging.

We have collected the most important tips for saving battery and Pokémon Go.

  1. Use the battery saver within the Pokémon Go App

Open the Pokémon Go app, tap on the Poke Ball and then select "Settings". In these you can see the Option "battery saver". Set the hook to the checkbox to activate the option.

  1. Reduce the Display Brightness of the Smartphone

One of the biggest energy consumers is the display of your smartphone or tablet, so you should minimize the display brightness as much as possible, usually via the status bar. Both Android and iOS, you can find a slider in the status bar, which allows you to adjust the brightness of the screen individually.

  1. Enable power-saving mode for Android and iOS smartphones

There are power modes that helps to reduce the CPU's power as far as it goes, even though Pokémon Go requires a lot of power, so the energy-saving mode will help you save a little bit of power, which will have a positive effect on battery consumption.

  1. Disabling Pokémon Go Augmented Reality

A very great feature in Pokémon Go is Augmented Reality. This means that a Pokémon is projected into the surrounding area around you. The live camera is used, in which the Pokémon are integrated. As nice as the function is, the more power it needs from your smartphone battery. Our recommendation is:

Disable the Augmented Reality in the Pokémon Go settings.

  1. Carry a portable battery pack

If you really cannot go without Pokémon Go, you will need a portable battery pack. We recommend you a battery pack with at least 22400 mAh. This makes playing Pokémon Go on the road very easy, as this capacity is sufficient for many hours of play.

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