Prepare your smartphone to check-in at the airport with a mobile boarding pass - Tip

If you plan to check in at the airport for your flight with your smartphone, then this of course, has many advantages. So you have to print no more boarding pass and if you are traveling with hand luggage only you do not have to visit the check-in counter anymore.

You only have to show the boarding pass on your smartphone at the security check and at the gate. For this, the smartphone must usually be held in front of a reader that reads the QR barcode on the display. The QR Code stands for your boarding card.

So that the reader at the airport can scan the QR code which is displayed on your smartphone screen properly a few preparations must be done on the smartphone:

What preparations these are, we would like to briefly explain in our check-list:

Checklist for your smartphone to check-in at the airport:

- Set the screen brightness to maximum brightness of your smartphone
- Deactivate "Rotate screen" function
- Set the screen timeout at least 2 minutes, 5 minutes or more.

These tips will help in any way that the reader will recognize your boarding pass at the airport on the smartphone. You can also save your boarding pass as a screenshot and then zoom closer to the QR code.

We hope you enjoy these tips which will avoid embarrassing moments at the airport.

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