Preventing Accidental deletion of pictures and videos – Android

It happens again and again that you delete images, videos or messages on your Android smartphone that you actually want to keep. Unfortunately, there is no trash function in Android, from which one could bring out again these documents or photos.

To use the function of a trash can, an app is available in the Google Play Store. The app is called "Dumpster" and provides the functions of a trash can like in windows. If the App is installed and you accidentally delete a file, picture, etc. then you can bring it back from the "Dumpster" trash. This only works if the app was installed before deleting.

File types that are currently supported by Dumpster: pdf, mp3, doc, AVI, MP4, JPG, PNG, RAR, ogg, txt

Dumpster can be installed for free from the Google Play store and is certainly worth trying: Download Dumpster

If you have installed the app, you should empty the trash regularly, otherwise a lot of "garbage" is accumulated and blocks your memory.


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