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The error message " was terminated" may appear on any Android smartphone. Ths component belongs to a system component of Android. If the error message was terminated appears you can usually no longer proceed with the action, with which one has just begun. The error message can appear anywhere. Some examples:

  • Change your ringtone
  • Calling a contact
  • Open the call log
  • and much more.

The error message " was terminated" can have many causes. We would therefore like to give you different tips that can lead to a successful remedy to this error message.

1. Perform Wipe cache partition

How to perform a wipe cache, we explain to you here: Wipe Cache Partition

2. Clear the cache of "phone app"

Open from the home screen the menu and then the Settings. Navigate here to "Applications" --> Application Manager --> tab "All". Search there for the app "phone" and open it. Tap in that App Information on "Clear Cache". Finished!

3. Delete Cached data

By deleting the cached data of your Android smartphone files can be deleted, which may lead to the above mentioned error. You can delete the cached data by clicking on Menu --> Settings --> Storage Tap there at the appropriate entry. More information about the cached data can be found here.

4. Enable / disable Airplane mode
Turn your smartphone in airplane mode to finish all the connections. After a while deactivate Airplane Mode again. This can fix the problem with " was terminated".

5. Reset to factory settings

The last option is always the reset to factory settings. But this option we really recomend as a last consequence, since it is connected with a lot of effort. How you can reset your smartphone to factory settings we explain here.

We hope that one of our 5 tips helped you to solve the problem " was terminated" on your Android smartphone.

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