Readout Manufacturing date of your Samsung Galaxy smartphone

If you want to know exactly when your Samsung smartphone has been built, then you can read this information out by usingan special app. The date of manufacturing is stored on a memory chip of your Samsung smartphone and can be accessed as follows:

First download the following app from the Google Play store:

With this app, it is now possible to read out the production date of the Samsung smartphone. Open the app "Phone info". Right in the first tab "General" you will find the required information. Under “Manufacturing date” you will find a number sequence that corresponds to the date of manufacture. An example:

Date of manufacture: 20150615

This means that your Samsung smartphone was established on June 15, 2015. This information is maybe important if there is a problem with a particular batch and you want to make use of your warranty.

We hope that this information has helped you. Furthermore, you can read out many more information with "Phone Info" from your Samsung smartphone. Check it out ;-)


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