Reset the Samsung Galaxy Alpha to factory settings

If you own a Samsung Galaxy Alpha, then it may be that you need to perform a factory reset because of one of the following reasons:

     - The Samsung Galaxy Alpha will be sold and you want to delete all personal data on it
     - The Android operating system and the installed apps do not work correctly
     - You have performed a firmware update to a higher version of Android on your Samsung Galaxy Alpha

The above reasons are the most common reason why you should perform a factory reset. The factory reset sets the Samsung Galaxy Alpha back to factory settings, which means the state then the smartphone was purchased.

In this guide we will explain to you how to perform a factory reset on the Samsung Galaxy Alpha:

First an important note: Backup always your data before you reset the smartphone to factory settings. Because all data is purged completely from the memory.

So, in order to perform a factory reset on the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, please open the menu and then the Settings. Scroll down here to the section "User and Backup" and tap there on "Backup and Reset". In the next window select at the bottom "Factory Data Reset". It will now starts a wizard, which you have to follow step by step to reset your Samsung Galaxy Alpha to factory settings.

After you have confirmed the last step with "Okay," your Samsung Galaxy Alpha will now perform the factory reset and delete all data. Then Android will be re-installed, so you have now installed a brand new operating system on your Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

You now therefore have performed a factory reset on your Samsung Galaxy Alpha and thus the device to factory settings.

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